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Sheriff's Budget

The current County Commissioners have systematically cut the Sheriff's budget so that it is woefully inadequate to protect and police the 11,000 residents in the County. We have four deputies to cover almost a thousand square miles and our jailers are being paid barely above minimum wage. We do not even have a nurse at the jail. We wonder why we have such a horrific drug problem. All one has to do is take a look at the Sheriff's budget and the why is revealed.

Another major issue is the fact that the Sheriff is not allowed to manage his own budget. The County Commissioners have placed numerous accounts within the Sheriffs budget. If he manages to save money in one account, he is prohibited from transferring it to another account without the County Commissioners' consent. This is not only fiscally irresponsible, it is an affront to the brave men and women who stand between us and danger. It's basically saying, "We know you trust Brian Norton but we do not trust you or your choice for Sheriff." It's time for the Commissioners to represent the wishes of the people.

If Brian Norton is mismanaging funds, as the Commissioners imply by their actions, the place to address it is with the citizens. Giving us, the people of Rio Grande, the opportunity to have our voice heard. Trusting us to make the right decision. Above all, being open about what is happening at the county.

Being the Right Choice means making the right decisions for the right reasons.

Committee to Elect Joe Schlabach
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